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Year 1

Welcome to the Year One Page!


Hello Year 1 :)


We hope you have a lovely half term! Make sure you rest, take care and have lots of fun! We have uploaded some activities for you to complete during half term if you want to! Don't forget to send us pictures, we would love to see what you get up to. Have fun!


We have had lots of lovely pictures of fantastic work and are working our way through replying to them. We have a new email address for you to send your messages and pictures to so we can see them quicker! Just remember to put your name in the subject.


Please now send your fabulous work you have finished and would like us to see and respond to, to and we may even post them on the website for everyone else to see too!


Each week we will be adding English, Maths and Foundation subject activities for you to complete at home in your own time, so keep checking back! Grown ups please do not feel you have to complete everything we post each week, we know how hard things can be right now and the activities are to keep children occupied and in touch with school life still. Children can learn so much from playing and helping you out too! Just take each day as it comes with them.


On Tuesday's each week Year 1 will be able to exchange their reading books outside the school by the front gate! If it is raining the return box and new books will be under the bike sheds.


Stay safe everyone, we look forward to seeing your pictures and reading your messages :)  


Miss Fleming, Miss Davis and Mrs Cranstone

Amazing African Art

Amazing African Art 1 Derek's Amazing African Mask!
Amazing African Art 2 Leo's Amazing African Mask!
Amazing African Art 3 Oliver's Amazingly Colourful African Mask!
Amazing African Art 4 Samuel's Amazing African Mask!
Amazing African Art 5 Sophia's Fantastic African Mask!
Amazing African Art 6 Aditya's colourful African mask!
Amazing African Art 7 Sabrina's Perfect Papier mache mask!
Amazing African Art 8 Harrison's terrrrrific Tiger head!
Amazing African Art 9 Joshua's super sunset art!
Amazing African Art 10 Luke's Amazing African mask desgin!
Amazing African Art 11 Selina's Stunning Sunset Art!
Amazing African Art 12 Charlie's brilliant African mask!
Amazing African Art 13 George E's fantastic African mask!
Amazing African Art 14 George E's amazing African sunset!
Amazing African Art 15 Hanna's wonderful African mask!
Amazing African Art 16 Maham's fantastic African sunset!
Amazing African Art 17 Rose's brilliant African mask!
Amazing African Art 18 Noah's amazing African scene!
Amazing African Art 19 Aditya's super sunset African Art!
Amazing African Art 20 Isla's stunning sunset scene!
Amazing African Art 21 Amelie's Stunning sunset scene!
Amazing African Art 22 Amelie's fabulous lion head!
Amazing African Art 23 Rishma's Amazing first African necklace!
Amazing African Art 24 Rishma's second beautiful African necklace!
Amazing African Art 25 Luke's Fantastic Lion head!
Amazing African Art 26 Maisie's spectacular sunset art!
Amazing African Art 27 Selina's beautiful African necklace!
Amazing African Art 28 Samuel's Amazing African rainmaker!

Wow work

Wow work 1 Charlie G's fantastic work on The Leopard's Drum
Wow work 2 George BW- A brilliant VE day medal
Wow work 3 Sophia's wonderful Easter work
Wow work 4 Theo's super Afican art and writing
Wow work 5 Thoren's lovely nature walk
Wow work 6 Maham's creative bizarre beast
Wow work 7 Tommy's amazing Geography work
Wow work 8 Zachary's dessert shop and lovely colouring
Wow work 9 Beautiful Leopard Drum tortoise by Toby!
Wow work 10 Marvellous Maths Doubling and Halving by Maisie!
Wow work 11 Super Star Wars story written by Harrison!
Wow work 12 Halving Ladybird Fun with Becky!
Wow work 13 James' Super Science sorting!
Wow work 14 Fantastic Science work by Luke!
Wow work 15 Brilliant coin recognition from Selina!
Wow work 16 Amelie's halving problem solving!
Wow work 17 Freya's amazing house creation!
Wow work 18 Luke's fabulous drawings!
Wow work 19 WOW word sentences by Charlie H!
Wow work 20 Forest school with Elsie!
Wow work 21 George E's fantastic a,a sentences!
Wow work 22 Maham's brilliant work for Handa's Surprise!
Wow work 23 Sophia's wonderful VE Day medal!
Wow work 24 Tyer's super Handa's Surprise work!
Wow work 25 Theo's terrific lion!
Wow work 26 Luis' marvellous maths measuring!
Wow work 27 Sophia's Super body parts labelling!
Wow work 28 Anya's wonderful stage and puppets!
Wow work 29 George BW's super story!
Wow work 30 Megan's terrific bizarre beast!
Wow work 31 Noah's explosive volcano experiment!
Wow work 32 Sophia's super body part labelling!
Wow work 33 Measuring fun in the sun with Maisie!
Wow work 34 Samuel's incredible Robot!
Wow work 35 Derek's super fun spelling practise!
Wow work 36 Henry's scavenger Hunt!
Wow work 37 Toby's Cool Capacity learning!

Fun in the Sun!

Fun in the Sun! 1 Planting fun with James!
Fun in the Sun! 2 Renewable Energy Source making with Samuel!
Fun in the Sun! 3 Bug Hotel Building with Luke!
Fun in the Sun! 4 Learning all about Frogs with Rosie!
Fun in the Sun! 5 Theo riding his bike!
Fun in the Sun! 6 Tommy having fun on his bike ride!
Fun in the Sun! 7 Exploring the garden with Anya!
Fun in the Sun! 8 Kite Flying with Maisie
Fun in the Sun! 9 Outdoor maths with Leo and his Sister
Fun in the Sun! 10 Noah smelling the plants!
Fun in the Sun! 11 Planting radishes with Henry!

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