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Year 3

Wednesday Work for 3GS


Hello to all children and parents in 3GS. 

Well, we live in challenging times!


Below are downloads of work for the children for the first day they are away from the classroom.


I do not expect any children to do all of these activities.

Instead, I am offering different activities for children so they can be productive away from the classroom.


To ensure your children are challenged please follow the differentiation of the sheets.



Most children in the class will manage the * or ** comprehensions for Year 3 Garden Birds.  Some of the Friday reading group may want to challenge themselves on the *** sheet.

Some readers in the Monday reading group may want to look at the World Comprehension.  ** is a good starting point.

Significantly less confident readers may wish to “warm-up” with the Year 1 Bat comprehension.



Circles would be *, Pentagons ** and Triangles *** on the Maths sheets.  Start with the inverse sheet.  If needed try the Challenge Cards and then the Estimates Sheet (which is not differentiated).



The Ancient Egypt comprehension is differentiated *, ** or ***.  The least confident readers may need some help reading the * sheet, but they have studied Ancient Egypt this term.  There are also Ancient Egypt challenge cards.



There are tasks for confidence building and Year 3 for Science.  The Science is still the same, the tasks are presented a little differently.


I will provide a bit more structure for Thursday and Friday.


Please use the Year 3 email if needed.

Mr Saint

Weekly Outline for Year 3.


Week beginning Monday 19th. October 2020.


This week in English the children will be practising skimming and scanning techniques in order to extract information and to support comprehension.


In Maths the children will be consolidating their knowledge of subtraction and addition to solve maths problems and puzzles.


Other highlights of the week include Science, where the children continue with the understanding of the function of different parts of the plant; History is exploring ideas of life in Ancient Egypt;  Computing continuing with coding through Scratch and we will, of course, continue our full range of subjects across the curriculum.


Unlike in previous years, there is a separate document covering homework and spellings.




Please note that 3GS Outdoor PE is now on a Tuesday.  The original document has been edited to reflect this change.

Welcome to Year 3 2020 to 2021!


Well, after a strange six months we have whole classes back at Great Berry which has been fantastic.


The children have coped incredibly well with their new routines.  Hand washing or sanitising continues at regular intervals and children are receiving regular reminders about social distancing within their bubbles.  Could adults at home keep impressing the importance of the new way of doing things in school?


Homework will be set every Thursday and should be completed by Tuesday of the following week.  There will be more information on homework later in the week as COVID has meant we will need to do things a little differently.


In the meantime, children should continue to read with an adult as often as possible, recording the times in their Reading Records.  Also, in the Reading Records is a note of your child’s current spelling group.  As I am sure you will appreciate, a little bit of shuffling of these groups may be necessary to balance the level of challenge with the building of confidence over the next few weeks.


((((CHANGE MADE HERE))))Outdoor PE day will be Tuesday for 3GS and Thursday for 3SK each week weather permitting.  PE will also take place at other times in the week indoors, but children will not change fully for indoor PE as these sessions are shorter.


The children are now keeping their water bottles at their desk to reduce movement in the classroom.  While a regular sip of water is very important to remain healthy and help with learning, some children are drinking a lot of water, well above the suggested 1.6 litres daily intake of a six to eight-year-old child.  While we would never stop someone drinking when they need to, please could you discuss with your children, as we are, the problems this creates as we are only able to allow one child at a time to leave the classroom for the toilet.


There are, unfortunately, many changes to get used to in Year 3 on top of the usual challenges of entering Key Stage 2.  We hope we can work together with parents to make this as effective a transition for pupils as possible.


Kindest Regards

The Entire Year 3 Team.

2020 to 2021 Yearly Overview

Year 3 Summer Challenges

Be an Author!  Plan, design and write your own information book over the summer.

You could write a book about one of the topics you have studied in Year 3 this year, or your own choice of topic.

Possible titles could be:

  • The Egyptians
  • The Stone Age
  • Plants
  • Humans
  • The Baroque Period
  • Cats
  • Rocks and Soils
  • Light and Shadows
  • How To Look After Hamsters
  • Healthy Eating Cook Book
  • Germany
  • Your own choice!


Research each chapter and remember to include pictures, labelled diagrams and plenty of facts.

Bring your book into school when you return as a Year 4 pupil to share with your new teacher.

You can of course do more than one topic if you would like.


If you fancy being creative, how about re-creating paintings from a well-known artist

  1. Research your artist.
  2. Select some of their pieces of work and make your own versions of them.  You could re-create them using different mediums such as pencil, chalk, collage, watercolours….. You are the artist – you decide!
  3. Bring your collection of work into school to show your new class teacher, or take photos of the pieces to share with your class and teacher.



Fitness Challenge.

Think of skill, activity or sport that you can safely practise at home, in the garden or in a safe, open space.

Practice three times a week.

Record how your much you improve.

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