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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4!

Hello Year 4,


Welcome. We are very happy to see you back in school and excited to start on our topics for the year. There are few changes in the way we will be working this year so that we can keep everybody as safe as possible.


First of all, remember that whatever you bring from home should not be shared with other children or adults. If you bring hand sanitiser to school, keep it with you but only use it when you need it and during the designated times. Remember it is there to help  protect you from germs and not to play or get distracted with.


Homework books will be sent home on a Thursday with the tasks in them to be returned the following Thursday. We will be checking the homework together as whole class and setting the new tasks for the following week. Please do not bring the homework books any earlier than Thursday, as we will not be able to store them. 


Several of the set tasks will be online and they do not need to be brought back. However, you could stick a picture of you completing the task in your book to share with us. Tasks that are required to be brought back to school, should be placed in the designated box and will be stored for 48 hours before marking and displaying them.


We still expect you to learn your spellings by Tuesday, as we will have a spelling test during one of your English lessons.




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