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A Big Great Berry PTA Welcome.


We hold meetings monthly where we discuss upcoming events and ideas and welcome all parents to attend. If you have any ideas or would like to run, or help run an event (yes, you really can run your own event with our support!). Or if you have some good fundraising ideas, but sadly can’t make our meetings, we’d still like to hear from you, contact a member of the committee via any of the email addresses below:


Your PTA committee members are:


  • Rebecca Ferguson, Chairperson -
  • Kayleigh Lang-Mundy, Secretary -
  • Nikki Newman, Events Coordinator -
  • Keely Downton, Raffle & Funding Coordinator -
  • Mitzi Waller, Treasurer -

Your PTA Class Representatives are:


  • Early Years - Rosie Britain, ELH | Ava Constantinou & Hollie McEwan, ESA
  • Year 1 - Cally Jupe, 1LB | Cheryl Mitchell, 1CC
  • Year 2 - Heather Goodger, 2LG | Natalie Allen, 2KJKC
  • Year 3 - Jenni Parlour, 3GS | Victoria Scoot, 3EHFF
  • Year 4 - Kayleigh Lang-Mundy, 4DH | Victoria Blackholly & Rebecca Hoarau, 4KB
  • Year 5 -  Nima Makanji & Hannah Browne, 5FS | Hannah Browne, 5AN 
  • Year 6 - Rebecca Ferguson & Keely Downton, 6SK | Holly Clapton, 6PD


For information regarding events, or to enquire about a stall at one of our events please email  


If you wish to help out at an event, or have questions about Matched Funding the please contact us via Facebook or the any of the committee members above who will be happy to help.


Attached below is an introduction to the Great Berry PTA along with information on what we do and how you can be a part of your PTA and support the school. 

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