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Year 6

*** Leavers Video***

If you are in a Pod, you will be making your leavers video clip at school on Monday. If you are not in school, please get clips emailed to us by Friday 10th July.

Week Beginning 13th July


Please scroll down to find your class teacher star. When you click on this you will find all your Maths, English and other subjects for the week. There are some additional Maths activities if you find those included on the video challenging or not challenging enough. (1 star is easier)

If you are coming into school, make sure that you read the instructions carefully so that you don't repeat any lessons.


Please continue to email us with any questions or examples of your work!


Happy Learning!




HI Everybody,

Mr Hawkins here. Every year we print a year book for everyone which your parents buy and is then given out at the end of term. It contains memories of the year and lots of people like to keep it safe and look back on it years later to remember.  

This year has been weird, and although I do already have some photos (World War Two Day, World Book Day, Christmas) I need some more. So, my challenge is to try and get everyone to email in a recent picture of themselves. Perhaps you might be doing something you enjoy like holding your pet rabbit, reading a book, juggling or sitting at your computer?

It would be great to have a photograph of everyone.

Please email me this photograph to which is the normal address that you send your work to.  Could I have it by Friday 12th June so I have time to get the book to the printers.



Mr Hawkins

Week Beginning 1st June


As from this week, work will be presented a bit differently. You will need to find the star of your class teacher rather than your group teachers.


In each star you will then find your Maths, English and Foundation subjects work and resources for the week.

It is important that if you are coming into school you read the instructions carefully and only complete the tasks on the correct days- otherwise you will repeat the work when you come into school each week. 

As always, if you have any questions or would like to share your work, please email us via the Year 6 address. 

Zoom meeting will start again as from next week.

Happy learning!




Miss Bonich

Week Beginning 25th May

As this week is half term, there is no formal work set. Please find some optional activities below. From the week commencing 1st June, the layout of the home learning activities may look slightly different so please read the advice carefully. Zoom calls will restart from the week beginning 8th June but may be on different days to previous calls.


Have a lovely half term break!


Miss Bonich smiley


Half Term Optional Activities:

Read daily (start a new book, can you finish it in a week?)

Create a book review for a book you have read recently and enjoyed (you can decide on the layout for this!)

Re-visit all of the past spelling patterns and test yourself on these (can be found in your group teachers 'star')

Do some sketching -head outside and sketch something you see!

Do some cooking or baking (weigh or measure the ingredients)

Have a go at TT Rockstars - beat your time/score!

Try some of the websites for math's games (listed from the beginning of home learning so scroll down to find them!)

Set yourself a mini sports challenge (how many keepy uppies/star jumps/press ups in 2 mins) then try to beat your first score.




Week Beginning 18th May


So this week is a sad week for the Year 6 teachers, Mr Pye and I'm sure for yourselves. We would right now all be getting ourselves ready for a week on the Isle of Wight. Unfortunately, we won't be doing that this year. Instead, we have tried our very best to create a whole selection of activities with the theme of some of the things we would have been doing this week. We hope you enjoy them!


As always, scroll down to find your English and Maths activities in the star of your group teacher. We have managed to make all of the English related to the Isle of Wight trip as well.


Happy learning!


Miss Bonich

Home Learning Week Beginning 11th May


Please find all the home learning documents you will need for this week below. Math's and English are both in the folder of your set teacher (look for the star with their name on below!)


This week would have been SAT's week!! For those of you who feel sad that there will not be a set of SAT's tests I have included the 'Great Berry Silly SAT's 2020 Papers'. You can download these if you wish. Read the instructions VERY carefully before starting (or as a grown up to read them out to you- like the real thing.) The spelling test script is a Word document so you will need someone to read this to you- no peeking before the test at the spellings!! 


We would love to see some photo's of you completing your Silly SAT's so please send them in to us. If you will be having your very own SAT's Breakfast Club before the tests, please do send us some pictures of these!


As always, email any work, photographs or questions to:

for the attention of your teacher. Remember that not all activities need printing out, you can complete on paper or in a notebook for some projects.


Happy learning!


Miss Bonich



Home Learning Week Beginning 4th May


Please find all of the activities for next week uploaded. Scroll down to your Maths and English teacher's star to find the appropriate work for next week. 

As Friday 8th May marks the 75th Anniversary of VE Day, the home learning projects are all linked to this. We did look at VE Day when we studied the World War Two so you may remember some of it!


There are guidance sheets for all activities so read these before starting.

Please email examples of work to for the attention of the teacher you wish to share the work with.

I look forward to seeing some of your work!


Happy learning! 

Miss Bonich smiley

Some General Home Learning Guidance FYI

Home Project Work- Week 2 (Optional -for those of you who wanted more!)

Home Learning Summer 1 Week 2 (WB 27/04/2020)


Please find below home learning projects for this week. There are lots of activities but they do not all need printing for you to use them. They do not also all need to be done- you can pick and choose some of them. Please read the Project Guidance sheets for each subject before you prepare to do your project. Some activities also have a separate guidance/poster sheet to help the grown ups!


If you scroll down to your set teacher name you will find the English and Math's tasks for your groups in these folders. 


It has been lovely to talk to some of you this week, I hope to catch up with more of you next week. A few of you requested some additional activities. I will therefore include an optional project each week for you to complete if you wish to. Please also read the Math's and English parent overviews carefully as this provides additional activities/support for families as well. 


Thank you to everyone who has been sending examples of work in- they have been lovely!

Anyone who joined the 6CB Zoom meeting and showed their work has earned 5 credits this week. Those of you who have emailed/Tweeted work have earned 8 credits each. Mr Pye will get a weekly list from each class for credits. 


Keep up the hard work everyone!

Keep Safe,


Miss Bonich smiley

Additional Home Learning Projects (Summer 1 Week 2) For those of you who wanted more!!

Home Learning Summer 1 Week 1 (20/04/2020)


I hope you have enjoyed some of the Easter themed tasks set for over the holidays? 

The English and Math's resources have been saved in the 'homework' section of the webpage. Scroll down, click on the name of your set teacher to find your work for English and Maths. The foundation subject tasks have been saved below as well.

It would be lovely to see some of the work you have been doing at home- please email it to the school for the attention of your set/class teacher or alternatively you can ask an adult to Tweet it to Great Berry.

Feel free to email the school as well if you have any questions regarding any of the home learning tasks.

As always, keep safe! smiley

Miss Bonich


Update Wednesday 15th April



I hope everyone is well and enjoyed the sunshine over the Easter weekend? I have been keeping busy trying to find some nice activities for you to continue your home learning next week.

I hope you have been enjoying the Easter activities given? 

Check out the website on Friday as it should have been updated by then for next week.

I can't wait to catch up with my class on Monday at 10am on Zoom (your parents have been sent a link for this!)

If you have an example of some work you have done at home (or just want to tell us about it) that would be great- like show and tell!

Myself and Mr Hawkins will also be giving you a little phone call to see how you are doing over the next few weeks as well, so don't worry if you can't join the catch up.


As always, stay in and stay safe.

See some of you on Monday morning!


Miss Bonich

60+ Virtual Tours and Trips you can take over Easter without leaving your house!

Week Beginning 6th April (Easter Break)

Please find below as selection of activities you may wish to do throughout the first week of the Easter break. 

There are also Maths and English resources saved in the homework folders of your group teachers you may also want to do. This is all optional though.

The Year 6 page will continue to be updated regularly with activities and resources to use at home over the next couple of weeks.

As always, we would love to see what you are doing at home. Thank you to those of you who have emailed or Tweeted your work so far!


As always, keep safe and happy learning!



Update Wednesday 1st April



I hope you are all OK and enjoying some of the tasks set? Have you had any April Fools this morning? Mrs Thompson in the office got me with was very funny!

Thank you to those of you that have Tweeted some of your work to the school. It has been lovely to see what some of you have been doing!


I am continuing to join in with Joe Wicks' PE lessons and really look forward to these each day.

I am also starting to read 'Auggie and Me', which Miss Darton has recommended via Twitter to Y6- she really enjoyed it!

There is a daily reading of Wonder happening via Twitter so check out the Twitter feed for Great Berry to find the link. We'd love for you to finish the story!


Anyway, check back really soon for some Easter activities that will be going online if you would like a project or two to keep you busy!


As always, keep safe and keep in touch via


Miss Bonich smiley

Home Learning Week 2 (wb 30/03/2020)


Hopefully you have been busy with some of the home learning tasks set last week!

Below are some that you could give a try this week as well. Remember we would love for you to share examples of your work so please send them in via for the attention of your class teacher.


Math's and English work for this week should be available from today so please check the homework folder (scroll down below) for your group teacher to find your work.


I will aim to update resources throughout next week as well.

I also have some nice Easter bits that will be appearing soon!


Keep Safe,

Miss Bonich smiley


Update Wednesday 25th  March 


Good afternoon Year 6!

I hope you are all keeping safe and enjoying some of the home learning tasks set this week.

I have been busy finding a few further resources for you to use over the next few days/weeks as well.

I'm also feeling a little achy from those Joe Wicks workout videos I'm doing each day-important to keep up with the PE!

Would be lovely to hear what some of you have been doing to occupy your time- feel free to email the school via the address for the attention of myself or the other Year 6 teachers. I would also love to see examples of your work so feel free to email these as well. We could start a gallery?!


Looking forward to seeing you all soon, I've been missing my English and Math's groups and my class!

Keep up the home learning and enjoy the additional resources below.


Keep Safe,


Miss Bonich


Outdoor but indoor activities:


This site has links to lots of current home learning websites/podcasts and videos:


Home Learning Year 6

Please find ideas for home learning activities aimed at Year 6. These are a variety of activities which continue or follow elements of the curriculum coverage for Year 6. We have (as much as possible) adapted them to make them home friendly.


English and Math's resources can be found by scrolling down to the 'Homework' section of this page. Please select the group teacher for that subject to locate the resources. We aim to update this regularly. These can be used in addition to the revision folder of activities sent home.


We would love to see some of the work the children complete (and other home learning experiences/projects).

Please email photo's/ documents to: for the attention of the class teacher.


Check this page regularly for updates!

Mr Hawkins Maths - what I had planned to cover

Below is a link to a free website which contains ideas/activities and printable worksheets for home learning:


For your information:

The first two links on the Revision Website document are currently not working. Please try using Google to search for 'Woodlands Junior'. This will take you to the pages.


Week Beginning 16th March 2020


After the fun involved in Science Week the children in Year 6 will have the opportunity to share some of their work with the rest of the school in an assembly on Monday. Our Science work continues this week with the children continuing their learning all about circuits.


Maths and English revision begins this week with the sets focusing on various areas studied. The children will be completing various activities based around their revision focus.

In addition to this revision, the children will continue their work on the book 'Wonder'. They will have the opportunity to create some pieces of writing based around this book.


In DT, the children are to begin to think about creating their own scaled models of a skyscraper. They will think about the design features needed for a structure- using spaghetti and marshmallows!


PSHE continues to focus on keeping safe, with the children thinking about how this will change as they get older and have more independence.


Please make sure you have signed up to the Easter School sessions if you have received and invitation. These run each morning (Mon-Thurs) of the first week of the Easter break.

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