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Year 6

Week Beginning 27th January 2020


Maths begins to focus on Statistics this week, the children will be reading and interpreting a range of graphs and charts. They will also be creating some of their own.


In English, reading work continues based around the text 'Wonder' by RJ Palacio. Our writing for the next couple of weeks will be focused on the Disney Pixar film- Ratatouille. We will be watching and reviewing the film this week.


DT will have a Chinese New Year theme with the children making a healthy stir fry. This follows a super talk from Karen in our school kitchen about kitchen hygiene.


In Computing, the children will continue to build on their skills of using Excel- creating tables, sorting data and using the calculation formulas for this.


After fitting all that in, the children will be continuing with their PE lessons focused around Pilates for indoor PE and Tennis for outdoor. Please note that due to weather conditions and hall availability, PE days are subject to change. Children should have a full kit in school daily.


Finally, the choir continues to work hard with Mrs King in preparation for the Young Voices concert on 4th February.




Week Beginning 20th January 2020


Another busy week this week in Year 6 as it is our assessment week. The children will be completing tests for Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar (SPaG); Reading and Maths over the course of the week. 

We will also be continuing with reading our Wonder text during English time.


In Geography this week the children will be continuing their work on California looking specifically at some of the four regions within the state.


Excel remains the focus in our Computing lessons with the children gaining skills in sorting and organising data.


PE remains on the same days this week (weather permitting!). Please make sure kit is in school daily.



Week beginning 13th January 2020


English this week continues to focus on writing stories based around the short animation 'Alma'. The children will continue to write their stories. The focus text for this term is the story 'Wonder' by RJ Palacio and the children will be continuing to read and discuss the text.


Maths this week centres around measures with the children using and applying their skills in a variety of different contexts including: units of measures and converting these; time; money and problem-solving.


Our Design Technology work continues this week with the children looking at the seasonality of different foods as well as where some of the foods we eat originate from.


In Geography, the children have already been looking at some of the countries located in North America and the states of the USA. We will now begin to focus on one particular state in the USA: California.


PE days continue as last term, please ensure kit is in school daily as these could be subject to change.


**Don't forget on Wednesday 15th January there is a Year 6 Parents SATs meeting at 6pm. Sign up via the School Buddy system to attend.**

Week Beginning 6th January 2020


Welcome back- and a happy new year!


This week in English, we will be starting to plan and write spooky stories based around the short animated film 'Alma'. 

Our Maths focus is based around measures, looking at converting units of measure as well as applying our measures skills to lots of different problems.

The Science topic this half term is 'Changes'. Our lessons this week will be looking at the properties of different materials.

In Computing, the children will be learning all about Excel and building our skills to develop spreadsheets.


Another busy week in Year 6!

Please note: PE days remain the same as last term. Although kit should be in school daily.

Week Beginning 16th December 2019


With the Christmas break fast approaching Year 6 are in full Christmas mode this week. We will be continuing with Maths and English during the first half of the week, focusing on some revision of topics covered this term, with a festive twist.

Cultural work on Russia continues with both classes continuing with a range of subjects linked to our topic on Russia.

Other events taking place this week include a Christmas cinema and games afternoon with the children getting a choice of movies, snacks and fun games on Wednesday.

Christmas lunch, jumper day and the annual Christmas sing song will be taking place on Thursday. This will be followed by Carols on the Playground after school.

So another busy week in Year 6.

Please note that the movies for Wednesday are both rated as PG. A note has been sent home via the school messaging system with more information on this.

Year 6 staff will be providing refreshments on Wednesday afternoon as our treat to the children. Please let the class teacher know of any changes to children's dietary requirements.


We hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and enjoy the break!

Week Beginning 9th December 2019


This week is the beginning of Cultural week(s)! In Year 6, we will be learning about Russia.


There will be lots of Geography happening as we look at the location, climate and tourism of Russia.


Art and design will take place as we make origami Russian dolls and use Russian architecture as our inspiration for some landscape pictures.


Our music work will be linked to The Nutcracker, for which the music for the ballet was written by a Russian composer.


In English, the children will be creating some travel leaflets persuading people to use Russia as a holiday destination.


We will also be looking at how the people of Russia celebrate Christmas and the cultures and traditions that they have in PSHE and RE.


Maths will continue to focus on shape, space and measures with some activities taking a more festive theme over the next couple of weeks.







Week Beginning 2nd December 2019


After our fabulous World War Two Day last week the children will be finishing their history topic by looking at VE Day this week.


English will continue to focus on creating some fantastic writing based on The Titanic. The children will be using their knowledge to create accounts of that terrible night. Miss Bonich and Mrs Darton's groups will also be reading the final chapters from 'Letters from the Lighthouse' over the next couple of weeks.


In Maths, the children will be continuing with their focus on shape. They will be revising the properties of 2D and 3D shapes as well as looking at nets and angles.


Our landscape sculptures are looking amazing in Art and we hope to be painting them towards the end of this week (if they are dry!).


Science continues with a series of mini investigations linked to World War Two.


Another busy week in Year 6!



World War Two Day November 2019

Week Beginning 25th November


On Tuesday the children have an exciting visit from Bunty and Corporal Vincent when Portals to the Past come in for a WWII workshop. The children are encouraged to wear costumes to join in with the spirit of the day!


English moves away from The Piano and flashback stories this week when we begin our work on The Titanic. The children will be researching and producing some factual information all about this famous ship and the fate she suffered.


Maths continues to look at shape this week with the children revising previous information including the properties of 2D and 3D shapes and applying this knowledge to problems.


Science will be looking at the use of flashlights during WWII and the children will be completing an investigation based around light and reflectors.


In computing, the children will be programming and building the WeDo Lego robots this week.


PE days remain the same this week.


Another busy week in Year 6!

Week Beginning 18th November


Another busy week ahead in Year 6!


Our English work continues based around the flashback story 'The Piano'. Some wonderful writing is taking place.

In maths we will be focusing on prime numbers, multiples and factors, square and cubed numbers.


Science moves is based around the topic of a light investigation linked to World War Two. The children will be planning and carrying out their investigations.

PSHE this week involves a visitor from Essex Police and Fire Service who will be coming in to discuss Cyber Safety with the year 6 children.


PE continues with dance and rounders so please ensure you have the correct kit in school.


Week Beginning 11th November


This week most of our work centres around Remembrance Day. The children will be learning about the First World War during their History work, continuing to make poppies in Art as well as discussion around this in PSHE.


English will be based around 'The Piano' (a short film linked to war). The children will be writing some flashback stories on this film.


Maths will continue to look at fractions, decimals and percentages this week.


Please note that this half term PE will remain the same for both classes. Monday indoor (6CB), Tuesday indoor (6DH) and both classes outdoor on a Friday. Please make sure you have a tracksuit for outdoor PE as the weather becomes chillier!



Week beginning 4th November


We hope you all had a restful half term break.

A slightly shorter week this week on account of the inset day on Monday.


Maths will continue to focus on fractions, decimals and percentages for all of the groups.


In English, more is revealed in Letters from the Lighthouse with a moral dilemma for our main character, Olive. Some writing will follow this based around a balanced argument.


Poppies is the theme for our Art/DT this week with each class making poppies to contribute to the whole school poppy display that will be going up in the corridor shortly.This will be alongside class work on Remembrance Day.


Finally, a reminder that our Portals to the Past workshop day will be taking place on Tuesday 26th November. It would be lovely to see the children enter the spirit of the day by dressing up in 1930's/1940's costumes linked to WWII. 



Week Beginning 21st October


In History this week we will be learning about Rationing and trying to understand how it affected people during World War Two.


Our PE lessons continue to focus around tag rugby. We hope to be running a mini tournament during our games lesson this week. This will help us to consolidate all of the skills we have been working on over the last few weeks.


Maths remains focused on fractions with all groups looking at various topics within this from using the four operations to calculate fractions to reasoning problems.


English continues to be based around the themes taken from the texts being studied within the different groups. This week has a focus on non-fiction, instructional writing.


**Please could 6CB continue to bring in plastic bottles (e.g. cola/lemonade/water) for an art project early next term**

Week beginning 14th October


Maths this week continues to focus on fractions. The children will be looking at using their knowledge of fractions to order them.

In English, the children will be writing amazing openings to a story based around an topical image...


The landscapes the children have been creating in their art lessons will be continued this week. They will be adding the London skyline to these to create the final effect.


In Computing, the children will be continuing their work on the World Wide Web and planning their pages based around this.


Please continue to bring on plastic bottles for an art project taking place in 6CB over the next few weeks.

Week Beginning 7th October


Our Maths focus this week moves away from the four main operations and onto looking at fractions. We will be looking at equivalence, ordering and using the four operations with fractions over the next couple of weeks.


In English, we will be continuing to study the two texts linked to our World War Two topic. Some lovely writing will continue to flow based on these texts.


Art this week begins to focus on using our prior knowledge of blending and the use of colour to begin to work on a final piece of artwork linked to the Second World War topic.

*Please also see the note below regarding plastic bottles for 6CB*


PE continues with Bootcamp and some rather achy children at the end of each session as they have been working out a variety of muscle groups during these sessions. Tag Rugby also continues outside with the children mastering the rules and playing the game.


Phew, another busy old week in Year 6!

Isle of Wight 2020

Week Beginning 30th September


Our week begins with an exciting assembly about resilience and problem-solving involving a BMX bike on Monday! 


This week is Year 6 Assessment Week. The children will be sitting some tests in English and Maths throughout the week.


In History, the children will be learning all about 'Evacuation' and the different types of shelters used during the Second World War. 


Our Science work continues with each class studying a famous scientist linked to evolution.


PE days remain the same for both classes.


**Request for 6CB: We are looking for empty plastic bottles (e.g. water, cola, lemonade) in various shapes and sizes. This is for an art project we will be completing in the next few weeks.**

Week Beginning 23rd September


The sets are well underway in Year 6 now. In English the focus remains on the texts linked to WWII with groups producing some interesting work based on Letters From a Lighthouse and The Boy in the Striped Pajamas. The children are really enjoying these texts.


Our maths focus next week is looking at written methods for addition and subtraction. This will include some reasoning/problem-solving work based around this topic.


Our History work continues with the children looking at how people on the home front kept themselves safe during WWII.


The children continue to work hard to push themselves and increase their fitness in our 'Boot camp' PE sessions this week. 


The RE focus this week begins to look at the Jewish faith with an introduction to this for the children.


Another busy week!

Don't forget:

Homework Club is Monday lunchtime in 6CB

Please keep your PE kit at school during the week

Week Beginning 16th September


After a successful first week in year 6, this week we will be continuing to look at Place Value in our Maths lessons. In English, the groups will continue with their topics on Letters from the Lighthouse and The Boy in the Striped Pajamas. They will be reading more of the stories and doing some interesting writing based around them.


Science continues to look at inheritance this week with children thinking about what characteristics they have inherited from their parents.


Our History work continues to look at WWII with a focus this week on 'The Blitz'.


PE remains on a Monday (6CB), Tuesday (6DH) for indoor PE and Friday (both classes) for outdoor PE. Please have kit in school everyday as these days could change


Another busy week in Year 6!

Welcome to Year 6!


We hope you all had a restful summer break and are looking forward to the new academic year. On this page you will find details about what is happening each week in year 6. There will also be other information about homework, visits and trips and other events which Year 6 will be taking part in. 


Some useful information:


PE will take place on a Tuesday (indoor) and  Friday (outdoor) for 6DH. Monday (indoor) and Friday (outdoor) for 6CB. Please do keep kit in school as due to the weather/hall availability these days could change on occasions.


Homework will be issued on a Thursday by your Maths and English set teachers. It is due in on a Tuesday and is to be given to your set teacher. Homework club runs for year 6 on a Monday lunchtime (12:50-1:15pm in 6CB room) if you need help or access to a computer for your work. Remember to speak to your set teacher before Tuesday if you are struggling to complete homework.


Week Beginning 2nd September 2019


The first couple of days back will involve settling in and getting to know the routines in Year 6. Jobs will be announced by the teachers (some are selected by the staff and others you can apply for). 

We will also be looking at some PSHE about having a growth mindset for the year ahead and Zones of Regulation for when we have emotions we are not sure how to handle.


Our topic of World War II starts this week with an introduction to the topic and looking at how the war began. 


Week Beginning 9th September 2019


This week our sets begin for English and Maths. You will be told on Monday who your teachers will be and the rooms to go to. 

In English, the sets will be introducing World War II themed texts that will be our focus for the next few weeks. We will be doing lots of work based around these.

Our Maths lessons will be based around place value for the week. There will be some revision of the topic and some problem-solving based activities for you to tackle.


Science this week will see us start our work on Evolution and Inheritance.

Please note that PE will also begin this week so make sure you have your PE kit in school.


Wow! A busy first full week back ahead!smiley


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