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MATHS AND ENGLISH week beginning 13th July

ENGLISH week beginning 6th JULY

English week beginning 29th June


ENGLISH week Beginning 15th JUne

MATHS week beginning 11th May: Have a go at the Maths SATs questions near the top of the Year 6 page and then also have a go at these activities:

English: week beginning 11th May

Apart from the story, please have a go at the fun SATs tests at the top of the year six page.


ENGLISH: Week beginning 4th May.


It's cooking time!  This week, cook a meal, or help your parents to cook a meal. If you are not ambitious, you can do a breakfast cereal or jam on toast!  But try to be ambitious.


1/ Write out the recipe, illustrating it as you wish.  If you are cooking without a recipe, you will have to make notes as you go along.


2/ Write a review of the meal. How many people ate it?  What did it taste like? Mention the table layout, who ate it, what did they think of the food?  How could it be improved? 


Now, as it is VE DAY on Friday, find out what VE DAY is all about. Write a diary about what you did. I will imagine there will be lots of things on the TV and on the internet for instance BBC Bitesize about VE Day.

Maths work: week beginning 27th APRIL.

Lesson ONE:

Choose a book.

Make a tally of every letter used in the first paragraph (or about the first fifty words).

Apparently, the most common letters should be E A T and S. Is this true?

Now, draw a bar chart showing the results for the vowels (A E I O U). Remember to label your bar chart.

Now draw a bar chart for the following letters:  B D G L M S T.

Lesson TWO:

Now choose a different book and do the same as in lesson ONE.  Are the results similar?

Lesson THREE:

Make a list of things in your house that are the following shapes. (Look hard, but there may be some shapes that you can’t find).

Cube      cuboid   sphere   cylinder               pyramid               prism. 

Lesson FOUR:

Find a cardboard box in your house (e.g a small old cereal box, food package). Carefully try to take it apart so you have the net of it.   Now, using a piece of paper, draw the net again (it may have to be smaller if your paper isn’t big enough).  Cut it out and fold it to see if it makes the box correctly. Remember there needs to be tabs to glue it.  Could you make a new design for the packaging before you stick it together?

Lesson FIVE:

Find a recipe that serves four people (book or on-line). Look at the ingredients.  Re write the recipe’s ingredients to serve eight.  (you have to double the numbers).  Now re-write it to serve 2 people.

Now rewrite it again to serve 6 people.  Are there any ingredients that are difficult? What would you do?   Do you think the cooking times would have to change? 

Creative writing: Week beginning 20th April


Try writing a story that begins with one of these three starters:


When Claudia opened the door, nobody was there but there was a small shoe box, from which came a strange sound.


Trevor entered the pet shop nervously.  He held the coins in her hand and he knew exactly what he wanted to spend it on.


Uncle Pete had come to visit.  He laid down his suitcase on the bed and opened it. As it opened, a light glowed inside.  Barney moved closer to see what it was.

Extra work for English week 20th April

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