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An overview of the Curriculum at Great Berry


English and Maths


At Great Berry, although English and Maths are taught discreetly as stand-alone lessons, links with other curriculum areas are actively encouraged.  In Year 5 and 6 the children may be taught in ability sets and in all other year groups the children are grouped within their own classes/year group.    Within all classes and sets, support is provided for those that require it and challenge and expectations remain high for all learners.  Movement between the groups and sets occurs after discussion amongst teachers and constant assessment of pupils.  


Foundation Subjects


We have updated our Great Berry school curriculum after a recent curriculum coverage project alongside other schools in our Multi Academy Trust. Using the 2014 National Curriculum as a basis, we have devised our own unique set of units and topics specifically adapted for the learners at Great Berry.  Our aim is to provide an up to date, broad, balanced Curriculum where children are taught key skills and knowledge and provided with the tools to become independent learners.  Where possible the local area and its history, geography and communities are used to personalise the curriculum and provide a rich and enjoyable learning experience for our pupils. 


In some subjects and year groups teachers may utilise their subject specialisms and deliver lessons to both classes so that more than one class benefit from a teachers subject knowledge.


To further enhance the learning experience for our pupils, we frequently include the following as part of our curriculum: Trips and Residential Visits, Assemblies, School based workshops, Themed weeks and days and regular events supporting chosen charities.


If you would like any further information on the curriculum, please follow the links on this page or speak to your child's class teacher.

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