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Welcome to the Early Years Page


It has been so lovely to talk to so many of you on the phone. Please expect another call soon, this will now be weekly while school is closed. 


During this lockdown, we will upload an overview each week detailing our new topic. The overview will include suggestions of activities linked to the different areas of learning that we cover in the Early Years Foundation Stage. Underneath the overview, we will always upload resources that you may want to use. Please don't feel like you need to print all of them out.


If you have any questions, or would like to share any photos of work with us, please don't hesitate to contact us on If you could put the subject of the email as FAO and the class, so that we know which teacher the email is intended for. 


Once again, thank you so much for your continued support during these times. 

Stay safe and keep smiling, 

The Early Years Team

Wow Work

Wow Work 1 Alfie's ou sound work.
Wow Work 2 Chef Alfie made delicious pancakes.
Wow Work 3 Dottie did a super job on her tricky word hunt.
Wow Work 4 Dottie made a beautiful bee!
Wow Work 5 Poppy's excellent writing about living on a farm!
Wow Work 6 Poppy gardening with her Mrs Bradshaw plant!
Wow Work 7 Sophie practised lots of skills in this fun game.
Wow Work 8 Sophie's brilliant apology letter from the Wolf.
Wow Work 9 Sophie made a fantastic house out of sticks!
Wow Work 10 Alfie's brilliant houses for the 3 little pigs!
Wow Work 11 Reed's great work on 2D shapes.
Wow Work 12 Poppy learnt animal names in French!
Wow Work 13 Poppy's excellent wanted poster for the Wolf.
Wow Work 14 Sophie made a gorgeous pig using her handprint.
Wow Work 15 Sophie working hard practising her subtracting.
Wow Work 16 Olivia made a shop to practise money.
Wow Work 17 Olivia's excellent three little pig story.
Wow Work 18 Joseph is working hard on letter formation.
Wow Work 19 A brilliant Wanted poster from Kameron.
Wow Work 20 Esme has made her own house of sticks!
Wow Work 21 Oscar has worked hard on recognising tricky words.
Wow Work 22 A brilliant storyboard Evie!
Wow Work 23 Wow Elizabeth! Lovely work!
Wow Work 24 Adaora has made the three different houses!
Wow Work 25 Felicity wrote about her favourite book.
Wow Work 26 Finley's brilliant work this week.
Wow Work 27 Poppy designed a bridge for the Gingerbread Man.
Wow Work 28 Poppy worked out what coins she needs for her shop
Wow Work 29 Robert's fantastic houses for the Three Pigs!
Wow Work 30 Robert made a story map for the Three Little Pigs.
Wow Work 31 Robert's brilliant counting in 2s.
Wow Work 32 Felicity's fantastic writing about the fairy.
Wow Work 33 Tahlia has been practising money in her shop!
Wow Work 34 Emilia's fantastic cutting to make the pigs.
Wow Work 35 Emilia has been working very hard with subtraction
Wow Work 36 Joseph has been working very hard with addition.
Wow Work 37 Lily working hard with coin recognition this week.
Wow Work 38 Beautiful VE day work from Evie this week.
Wow Work 39 Some brilliant senses work from Esme this week.
Wow Work 40 Wow Sonny! An amazing sweet shop.
Wow Work 41 Fantastic writing Jack!
Wow Work 42 A fantastic medal Ronnie, well done!
Wow Work 43 Brilliant counting this week Aisosa.
Wow Work 44 A brilliant VE fact board from Gracie, well done!
Wow Work 45 Diya made a fantastic Lego Girl called Rose
Wow Work 46 Robert's character thought bubbles
Wow Work 47 Olly did great counting the spots on his dinosaurs
Wow Work 48 Sophie practised money in her teddy shop!
Wow Work 49 Freddie's great dot-to-dot and sentences
Wow Work 50 Robert made a fantastic Gingerbread Man!
Wow Work 51 Reed wrote a great superhero poem with similes!
Wow Work 52 Poppy made an excellent Wanted poster
Wow Work 53 Poppy's coin rubbing
Wow Work 54 Sophie’s fantastic facts about bears
Wow Work 55 Sophie wrote a fantastic Gingerbread Man book!
Wow Work 56 Freddie wrote the story of Jack and the Beanstalk
Wow Work 57 Sophie made a beautiful shoebox farm
Wow Work 58 Freddie's super Goldilocks sequencing
Wow Work 59 Robert's beautiful dinosaur picture
Wow Work 60 Olly baked and decorated delicious Gingerbread Men
Wow Work 61 Olivia made a fantastic sequence board!
Wow Work 62 Robert's delicious Teddy Bear picnic menu
Wow Work 63 Robert made some tasty gingerbread men
Wow Work 64 Reed wrote a fantastic acrostic poem !
Wow Work 65 Sophie’s beautiful Easter Egg design
Wow Work 66 Robert designed a beautiful egg for Gaston!
Wow Work 67 Poppy drew and explained the life cycle of frogs.
Wow Work 68 Beautiful neat colouring from Poppy N!
Wow Work 69 Super labelling and matching the rhymes, Poppy
Wow Work 70 Wow Elizabeth an amazing puppet theatre!
Wow Work 71 Brilliant descriptive writing by Sonny.
Wow Work 72 Evie has worked so hard this week, well done.
Wow Work 73 Jack is practising recognising coins with his shop
Wow Work 74 Well done William for writing out the tricky words
Wow Work 75 Yummy Zoe! They look delicious.
Wow Work 76 Well done Arthur, a good job recognising numbers.
Wow Work 77 Wow Ella, a brilliant Gingerbread Lady.
Wow Work 78 Brilliant work from Joseph this week.

Class ELH Assembly Video

Still image for this video
The children enjoyed making this video and it would have been featured in their first class assembly. I hope all of the children enjoy seeing their friends! Miss Hall.




EYFS Maths Meeting

EYFS Lunch Meeting

Welcome to the Early Years Foundation Stage!


We hope you all had a lovely Easter break with your families. We will be uploading weekly overviews onto this page with the topics we will be learning and ideas of activities you can complete at home.  Please do not feel pressure to complete all of the activities which are suggested. If you do decide to complete the activities, we are happy for this to be in any form whether this be in the home-school workbook or on paper.


This half-term our topics will include Goldilocks and the Three Bears, The Gingerbread Man and The Three Little Pigs. Every week we will upload a Weekly Overview, which will give you an insight into some of the activities we will be doing in school that week.


Homework books will be given out on a Thursday. They will need to be returned by the following Tuesday. Ideas for the homework will be available on the Weekly Overviews. Each week please give feedback on how your child found the activities, by leaving a short comment with their homework. Please note that Homework books are different to the red books shown in the parent-teacher meetings and now have a winter picture on the front.


Each colour team will have a Show and Tell date once, each half term. The show and tell must be inexpensive and we cannot take responsibility for the loss or damage of the item. This should be something of your child’s own choice, and could be a favourite toy/book/model, certificate of achievement, photo, something of interest that they have found. Etc.


The colour group dates are as follows:

This will be updated as soon as we are all back at school.


Keep checking back on this page for more updates and to see some of our brilliant work.


Please note that jewellery is not allowed to be worn in school. This includes hoop earrings, bracelets, anklets and necklaces. Only small studs are allowed, although these have to be removed on PE days.


Do you have any ideas for this page? Why not let your Teacher know!



Key stage one comprehension questions for use at home

A Tour of Year One

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Phonic sounds and actions e u r h b f l ss

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Phonic sounds and actions j v w x y z

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Phonic sounds and actions

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Phonic sounds and actions

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