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Wow Work Summer 1

Wow work Summer 1

Sophia's Super body parts labelling!
Tyler's super Handa's Surprise work!
Measuring fun in the sun with Maisie!
Halving Ladybird fun with Becky!
Megan's terrific bizarre beast!
Forest school with Elsie!
Brilliant coin recognition from Selina!
George E's fantastic a,a sentences!
Freya's amazing house creation!
Super Star Wars story written by Harrison!
James' Super Science Sorting!
Derek's super fun spelling practise!
Henry's scavenger hunt!
Theo's super African art and writing!
Sophia's wonderful Easter work!
Charlie G's fantastic work on The Leopard's Drum
Sophia's super body part labelling!
Fantastic Science work by Luke!
Luis' marvellous maths measuring!
Sophia's wonderful VE Day medal!
George BW's super story!
George BW- A brilliant VE day medal!
Marvellous Maths Doubling and Halving by Maisie!
Tommy's amazing Geography work!
Amelie's halving problem solving!
Wow Word sentences by Charlie!
Toren's lovely nature walk!
Zachary's dessert shop and lovely colouring!
Beautiful Leopard Drum Tortoise by Toby!
Samuel's incredible Robot!
Noah's explosive volcano experiment!
Anya's wonderful stage and puppets!
Maham's creative bizarre beast!
Toby's Cool Capacity learning!
Maham's brilliant work for Handa's Surprise!
Luke's fabulous drawings!
Theo's terrific lion!

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