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Hello Year 1!


I hope that you are all having a great week! Your activity for History this afternoon is to write a diary entry. You are going to pretend to be Florence Nightingale and write a page in your diary explaining how you are feeling working at the hospital. Florence Nightingale made lots of changes to the hospital e.g. she made them cleaner, safer, nurses should be trained, there was good food, beds and blankets to improve the conditions of the hospital. The doctors were now listening to Florence Nightingale too!


In your diary entry we want you to write about the changes you have made and how this has made you feel, I bet Florence Nightingale would be feeling tired as she was working so hard but I also think she was feeling very proud of herself too! 


There is a PowerPoint to explain how to write a diary entry so take a look at that and see all of the important features of a diary and things to include.

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