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Homework- Set 10/01/19 Due in 15/01/19


Complete the 'phrases and clauses' activity booklet.

Spelling pattern this week is 'ture' and 'sure' words- learn the unknown words and revise those you know. Are there any others you can think of? Do you know what these words mean?

Please read for 10 minutes each day-don't forget to record your reading and get it signed to earn certificate points!



Complete the Noughts and Crosses Coordinates game- get an adult to initial/sign to say you have played it.

Times Table Rockstars

Homework: 13th December 2018


There is no homework during the Christmas break. Please do have a go at your TT Rockstars and do a bit of reading over the holidays.


Have a lovely Christmas!


Miss Bonichsmiley

Homework: Set Thurs 29th Nov- Due Tues 4th Dec



Complete the active and passive voice task sheet (you can write on the sheet.)

Spellings- homophones- you NEED to know the meaning of the word and how it would be used in a sentence.

Remember to read daily and record your reading in your red diary (get it signed by an adult!)



Complete the 2D shape activity sheet.

TT Rockstars


Homework- Set 22nd Nov- Due 27th Nov

English- Complete the reading comprehension activity 'Hidden Depths'. Spelling pattern this week is adding 'ly' to words. Learn the unknown words from the list and revise the others.

Reading- please read daily (at least 10 mins) and ask an adult to sign your reading diary.


Maths- Complete the activity sheet all about factors, multiples, prime numbers and square numbers.

TT Rockstars

Homework: set 15th Nov - due 20th Nov


Spelling pattern- suffix 'tion' learn the words on the spelling list given containing the pattern. Use one of the learning strategies you have tried over the last term. Can you think of any other 'tion' words?


SPaG mini test- time yourself to complete this.

Reading- read for 10 minutes daily and ask an adult to sign your red diary



Complete the percentages homework sheet


Log on to your TT Rockstars at least once this week!

 Homework Set 8th November Due 13th November


English Homework:

A Boy Called Mouse reading comprehension sheet (write the answers on the back of the sheet)

Spellings to learn - spelling pattern is the prefix 'inter'. (Learn all the words given using the pattern)

Reading at home daily for at least 10 minutes (ask an adult to record your reading in your read diary)


Maths Homework:

Colouring Fractions of Amounts worksheet (Look carefully at the objects/shapes!)

TT Rockstars 

Homework Set 1st November - Due 6th November


English Homework

Spelling pattern-words using prefixes 'auto' and 'anti' (Learn all unknown words plus others)

Spooky House task in homework books. (Exploring using adjectives, verbs and fronted adverbials to describe a picture)

Reading- own book daily, ask an adult to hear you read and get your diary signed. (Don't forget they can use your diary to ask you questions!)


Maths Homework

Spooky Fractions activity sheet. Solve the Halloween themed reasoning problems.

Times Tables Rockstars- Try to log on and play twice a week.

Homework: Thurs 11th October - Due 16th October


English Homework:

Spelling pattern this week is prefix super and sub-use the pattern to learn the spelling list of given words.

Reading comprehension task- 'Eureka'-complete on the sheet

Maths Homework:

Equivalent/simplifying fractions 'Colour by numbers' activity

Homework: Thurs 27th Sept-due Tues 2nd Oct

English: Tyger Poetry Comprehension Sheet, spellings- prefix dis,mis

Maths: Addition and Subtraction written calculations


***Due to assessments this week, the spelling test will not take place until Friday!! Continue to work on the pattern at home***

Homework: Thurs 4th Oct- due Tues 9th Oct

English: Create a booklet about the different types of nouns (may be done on paper or computer and printed) spellings- prefixes in, il, im, ir


Maths: Complete the 7x tables challenge and play the times tables game with someone at home (for the 6,7,8 or 9 x tables (one you need to revisit!)

Maths Homework WB 17.09.18: Multiplying and Dividing by 10,100 and 1000 activity sheet

English Homework WB 17.09.18: Spellings (prefix un-) Write a description of a favourite TV/book character. Use at least 4 sentence types and show me an example of each word class in your work.



Please also read daily (record in your reading record) and revisit those times tables!

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